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AutoCAD Drawing Database File (.DWG)

DWG file format, also commonly renowned as AutoCAD Drawing Database File; is a type of AutoCAD data files. The DWG file holds all the basic information provided by the user such as the designs, geometric data, maps and graphs, images and many more. The DWG file database holds all the details about the 2D and 3D drawings developed using AutoCAD software. The various versions of AutoCAD released so far include DWG 2000, DWG 2004, DWG 2007, DWG 2010, and DWG 2013.

The AutoCAD .dwg file format fall under the category of CAD files.

  • Autodesk AutoCAD 2016
  • CADSoftTools ABViewer
  • Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Wout Ware DWG DXF Sharp Viewer

The AutoCAD DWG drawing file format is originally developed and owned by Autodesk.

  • application/x-acad
  • application/autocad_dwg
  • image/x-dwg
  • application/dwg
  • application/x-dwg
  • application/x-autocad
  • image/vnd.dwg
  • drawing/dwg

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