What Is File Extension.com?

"What Is File Extension” is resource hub developed in concern to common user needs getting insights to file types available and their possible extensions. “What Is File Extension” is vast and one of its kind database of file extensions known to web and searched. We are here on a campaign to cater user queries when search for File Extensions and questions like. To what MIME type file extension belongs?

What is File Extension?

File Extension is generally a three letter suffix following period after filename e.g. (.DOC, .RTF, .TXT, .JPEG). File extension defines MIME type of file to which it belongs, signatures known to applications employed for viewing and editing it. Three letter suffixes is not a constraint but is convention regularly followed by application developers. You might come across extensions which have two letter suffixes like (.DB, .H, .PS) and four letter suffix like (.TORRENT, .GADGET).

How to Open Extension File?

Every extension suffixed file is like signature to some application double clicking which triggers operating system (like Windows, Mac) to call respective application chosen default from others to initiate and open that file. However; it is necessary that application program needs to be installed on system. If no default application found then system prompts you to choose application program of your choice opening that file and if you choose wrong one that it results in error messages driving you to search appropriate program over web for same.