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.BKF File Extension

.BKF File is a Windows NT Backup Archive file created by Windows Backup. BKF file format is used to store the replica of files that are stored on Windows NT version of systems.

BKF File Extension is basically related to Windows Backup Utility or Microsoft Backup Utility which was a part of MS Windows NT to the version Windows XP and used to store data in ZIP drive or Tape drive.

MS Windows Vista, Window 7 & Windows 8 have the new version of Windows Backup Utility which uses Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) file format to store backup information.

Archive Files

  • Windows NT Backup

Hexadecimal: 54 41 50 45 00 00

In actuality, there is no any default location of.BKF File. The file can be kept anywhere on the hard disk (can say Users' defined Location).

In today's world, due to large typical backup & faulty transmission of data leads to the corruption in BKF file. A common matter of concern with the BKF files which often results in its corruption is 'File Size of BKF'. While trying to restore it back, displays the erroneous messages. Some of the messages are shown below:

  • This error comes up when the user tries to open a BKF file in order to recover the data and the data residing in the file has been damaged or the file itself has gone corrupted.
    .BKF file extension – What is Unrecognized Media Error
  • This error is encountered when the BKF file size goes beyond a certain limit and leads to data corruption.
    Windows NT Backup BKF File Format File Size Error
  • This error is a result of consistency issues in the BKF file.
    Error 3
  • You can encounter this error when the BKF file is not opened and results in displaying this error.
    BKF Backup File Error
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