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What is .FLV File Extension? Flash FLV Video File Format

FLV file format, also referred as Flash Video file format is a type of container file format. This file format is used for traversal of videos around the internet via usage of the Adobe Flash Player. YouTube, Google Video and all the other websites across the internet prefer Flash Video File (FLV) as a standard video format. The FLV file extension is comprised of a header section, along with the provisions to store audio, video and metadata packets.

The .FLV file format falls under the category of video files.

The FLV video file format has been developed by the Adobe Systems.

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The structure of .FLV file format starts with a definite header that has four attributes: -

  • Signature
  • Version
  • Flags
  • Header Size

Along with the headers, the structure of the .FLV file type is also divided into certain packets that hold the following data types: –

  • uint32_be
  • uint8
  • uint24_be
  • uint24_be
  • uint8
  • uint24_be
  • freeform

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