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.MSG File Extension

The file which is created for every individual mail in Microsoft Outlook and MS Exchange is known as MSG File. Microsoft Outlook stores every individual Outlook Emails (contains Email fields, sender, date, subject, recipients, etc.) as .msg file type format. MSG File is based on CFB (Compound File Binary) Format & requires a MAPI (Message Application Program Interface) familiar application to view the storage. It contains plain ASCII text for the header and main message body as well as hyperlinks and attachments.

Microsoft Corporation

  • application/

Hex Value: D0 CF 11 E0 A1 B1 1A E1 String Value: DI.ait.a

File Signature of MSG File

1. MSG File Error : Cannot Open File:

This error will display if your .msg file is corrupted.


If you have deleted some value from Hex Editor manually, then in such case this error will be displayed.

Cannot Open MSG File

2. After You Open an Outlook MSG File, You Can't Re-Open, Delete, or Rename It:


When you open MSG File, it gets locked by MS Outlook. If you click on that file again, it will display an error message like:

Can't Reopen, Delete or Rename MSG File Extension

3. Cannot open same MSG File in HEX Editor if you have already opened it in MS Outlook. However its vice-versa is possible. If you do so, the error will display like this: