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.QTM File Extension

QTM file extension represents the Video File predominantly associated with Apple QuickTime. QTM (file extension) is an abbreviation of Quick Time Movie. The Operating System or the user can recognize the format of this type of file and choose the relevant program to open it. A QTM file extension can be converted into another format by applying several mechanisms in order to access it in other applications. It is capable to store compressed audio and video data files also.

QTM file comes under the category of Video Files.

  • These types of files can be run easily on Windows as well as MAC Operating System.
  • The QTM file format is developed by Apple Inc.
  • A single MIME type of these video files is – video/quicktime.
  • The program cannot start because Qtm.exe is missing from the computer.
  • “Run-time Error” occurs due to Qtm.exe pure virtual function call.
  • Unable to launch the software located at the specified path: path\Qtm.exe
  • “Access Violation: File path\Qtm.exe”
  • “Configuration entries of Qtm.exe are currently active in systemregistry.”