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Excel Spreadsheet (.xls) File

XLS file extension stands for eXceL Spreadsheet and is the file format that holds the data in the Microsoft Excel worksheet. The Excel stores the data in rows and columns format and is enriched with the features such as; calculations, pivot tables, etc. Apart from these it displays charts, graphs, histograms, etc. the file .xls stores the information in a proprietary format, the format is BIFF (Binary Interchange File Format). The documents are stored in fixed-size streams and it contains all the meta-data related with it.

It belongs to Database file category

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Excel Viewer

Microsoft introduced XLS file format with Microsoft Excel.

  • For Mac: September 30, 1985
  • For Windows: November 1987
  • application/excel
  • application/x-excel
  • application/
  • application/x-ms-excel
  • application/x-dos_ms_excel

D0 CF 11 E0 A1 B1 1A E1

All the below mentioned errors are caused due to the corruption as the results of virus attack, malware attacks, etc.

  • "Excel unable to read file"
  • "This file is not in a recognizable format."
  • "Excel found unreadable content in (filename)"
  • "File name is not valid."
  • "The file is corrupt and cannot be opened"
  • "abc.xls file cannot be accessed. The file may be read only."
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