CCleaner for Windows - Optimization and Cleaning Tool

Works on all Versions of Windows, cleans and optimizes all the unwanted data in your PC and saves your system from virus attacks,memory overflow and other data loss.

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CCleaner software known as Crap Cleaner is a system optimization, privacy and cleaning tool. It has a classic and interactive interface which is easy to use. It allows Windows to run faster by scanning the hard disk and removing unused files & freeing up valuable space. It also clears Internet history, memory dumps like fragments, log files, system cache. It consists a fully featured registry cleaner.

  • It cleans temporary files, cookies, download and removes internet history of various browsers like: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc.
  • If there are third-party tools like Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, Winzip, etc within your system, then this software can remove temp files and recent file lists (MRUs).
  • It has an interactive interface which is simple and easy to use.
  • There is Spyware, Adware or viruses in the software.
  • It cleans Recycle bin, recent documents, temporary files, log files, memory dumps, etc in Windows.
  • There is an advanced feature added to the software i.e. Registry Cleaner to remove unused and old entries like: File Extensions, ClassIDs, Application Paths, Icons, invalid shortcuts, etc.
  • It optimizes the system by clearing garbage and unwanted files and extensions and maintain the privacy.
  • It makes the system run faster and cleans up all the elements that is making the system slow.
  • Allows safer browsing and prevents errors and crashes caused during internet browsing.

How CCleaner Differ from other PC cleaner apps/softwares?

CCleaner is a free software which users can download it in their PC to clean and optimize their system. This tool supports on Windows XP and above versions. With the software, you can delete/remove all the unwanted files/data that is making your system slow and ruining the functioning of your PC. You will get the software for free and you can access it without downloading any other software. If said simply, CCleaner helps you in fast functioning of the system preventing from virus attacks. It is a simple and fast tool of only 8.8 MB to optimize your system in an efficient way. There would be no complaints regarding the software working.

Why CCleaner?

It consumes less amount of space in your system and provides you with number of features to remove the garbage from your system and can help you in optimizing the system in a very secure way. It is a simple and fast tool which can also run in background and can also save your system from virus attacks by cleaning/removing the unwanted files that can harm your system.

Why Is It Accepted Globally?

It is a tedious and hectic task to go through your entire system and look for the reasons of your slow operated system and why the system is out of memory. The software works on Windows platform XP and all above versions. People around the world are using windows in their system so to manage their unwanted files or data, CCleaner can be used and it is widely popular. Now, people can also use this software in their Android phone and Mac OS.

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System Specifications

Program Name: CCleaner
File size: 8.8 MB
Program Type: Utility software
Languages: Available in 47 languages
Operating System: Windows XP and later versions
Platform: IA-32 and x-64
Guide & Tips
  • For Windows: XP and above versions.
  • Check the functionalities before the purchase.


A: Yes, it can work in background silently but you have to use a /S parameter when you are running the installer. This will use all the default options and won’t bring up any option in Windows. If you want the software to run the application silently, you have to use the /AUTO parameter on ccleaner.exe.
A: Yes, it is not possible without administrator to install new applications so you have to be an administrator.
A: You can restore the registry backups by just Right-click on the .REG file and select 'Merge'. These files will save in your 'My Documents' folder by default.
A: It can clear all the accounts but at the moment, it supports only the current user's account.
A: Maybe you have disabled some of the options and that’s why the software can erase your files. It is also possible that you need an upgraded version of the software. So download the updated version.


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