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Works on all Versions of Windows, It's a software package which is used to connect the user from the remote server.

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Teamviewer Remote Control is a software bundle use for online meeting, web conferencing, desktop sharing & file transfer between the computers. With this software user can get the advantage of both Windows as well as Android in the system.

  • Easy to understand Simple structure, user-friendly interface.
  • Secure use encryption to safe the data.
  • Platform Independent i.e. on any platform software runs.
  • It maximize the compatibility
  • Teamviewer is free for all non-commercial users.
  • Works on all Versions of Windows
  • Supports full screen window as well as small
  • Allows sharing of items though Facebook and Twitter
  • There is an interesting feature to record the sessions

How Teamviewer Works?

Teamviewer is a package of software that can connect the server or computer to any other device within a seconds. This freeware works in a simple manner. First you have to download the the software from its officially website then install the tool on your device. Second, you have to enter the Teamviewer ID under the Control Remote Computer. Second, Click Connect to partner then enter the Teamviewer password and access your pc.

Why we use Teamviewer?

Basically it’s used for remote accessing. This is the amazing software through which we can operate our system from any other computer like we have to use our system at the friend’s home, in that case we are using Teamviewer software to access our system in the friend’s computer by remote support. It is a free software you can easily download it from the internet. But both the computers should have the Teamviewer software installed in the system. It's secure because it has unique Id & password to login the account. Now a days, this software is used by many peoples for online teaching, to transfer the files & for some other purposes.

Why Is It Accepted Globally?

Free Teamviewer Software remote support for PC is accepted globally because it provides the users to have an Login Id & password by which it can access or operate there system anywhere in the world. The tool supports on the entire Windows version (7 and 8) and that makes it more special too.

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System Specifications

Program Name: Teamviewer Software
Program Type: Freeware
Operating System: Supports all versions of Windows and Mac OS
Guide & Tips
  • For Windows: 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP and Server.
  • Check the functionalities before the purchase.


A: Teamviewer provide us an easy way to transfer the files or any other data through remote server.
A: No, you doesn't change the ID. Teamviewer ID is unique for everyone but you can change the password.
A: The tool supports all the version of Windows, users can use it on any versions.


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