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What is Device Independent BMP Image Format?

The bitmap is an Image file that provides features like independent functionally from display devices, two-dimensional digital imaging, data compression and various color profiles. According to Microsoft design Bitmap has various color depths that consists of certain codes.

The BMP file belongs to Raster Graphics Image File Format

The BMP image type is supported by various applications like Microsoft products, All operating system default browsers and mostly all image viewers.

Microsoft introduced the Bitmap(.bmp) image Files

For Images

  • image/bmp
  • image/x-bmp

Raster Graphics Image File Format

  • Hexadecimal Signature: F6 04 00 00

Bitmap or BMP image are stored in default folder of an image viewer or OS application. The location of bitmap image can be a user defined.

BMP file can be opened using any image viewer or default image application in the operating system.


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