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.DAT File Extension

A .dat file extension is generally used for storing Data. DAT file extension are meant to store any type of data, i.e. text, media, graphics, or binary data. A .DAT file format has no predefined structure of its own. A standard text editor can be used for opening and reading a DAT file to determine its relation with an application via the content it's storing. Generally, a DAT file is associated with a program's functioning, i.e. is responsible for telling a program what to do and what not to.

A DAT file is of the DATA file category.

A DAT file is created / associated with miscellaneous types of applications. The category of applications that use DAT files are:

  • Microsoft Applications
  • Web browsers
  • Software programs
  • Media Players
  • Photo Viewers and more

DAT files have the following MIME type:

  • application/octet-stream
  • zz-application/zz-winassoc-dat

The file signature of .DAT file extension is 50 4D 4F 43 43 4D 4F 43

DAT files are not formed in many programs and can be opened using a programme it belongs for example if DAT file belongs to Email application it can be open by an Email Client.


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