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What is Disk Image? Information on Disk Image File Extensions

Disk image is a file which stores entire content & structure of a disk or a volume. This disk could be hard disk, USB flash drive, tape drive or optical media such as CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray disk. Besides, it uses various file extensions that includes .ISO, .DMG, .BIN, .VHD etc.

  • Disk images came to the picture when floppy disks were highly popular. Thereafter, disk images have been being used to duplicate various disks.
  • In the beginning, disk images were used for backup and disk cloning of mainframe storage media.
  • Disk images are replica of a whole disk or a disk partition. Hence, they are often used for duplication of CD, DVD in .ISO file format.
  • MacOS distributes software in Apple Disk image (.DMG extension) when software are downloaded via browser.
  • Windows operating system also distributes software online as disk images (.ISO extension).
  • In virtualization, virtual machine monitor creates and store their virtual machines in a hard disk image (.VHD for Hyper-V & Xen, .VMDK for VMWare, .VDI for VirtualBox)
  • .ISO - Binary image of CD/DVD
  • .DMG – Apple disk image file
  • .RAW – RAW disk image
  • .MDF – Alcohol 120% disc image
  • .NRG – Nero or Nero Burning ROM image file
  • .BIN – Binary disk image

The file belongs to the category of Disk Image Files.


Disk Image can be opened in various software depend on their file format

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