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DRMX File Extension

The DRMX file stands for Drumlin fully secured PDF document file format that has been launched by Drumlin Security. The DRMX file is known as the strongly encrypted versions of PDFs containing encoded information with built-in permissions and digital rights management. When the user downloads or receives DRMX file, it will contain the controls to determine whether the file can be viewed/ copied or printed. The owner and publisher of the file set these permission rights.

Applications Supported


  • Drumlin PDF Reader
  • Javelin PDF Reader

Mac OS

  • Javelin PDF Reader
  • DRMX file is associated with PDF File Category


The MIME type of a DRMX file is:

  • Application/octet-stream
  • Hexadecimal: 7B 44 52 4D 50 44 4B 7D

Drmx file can be open using following softwares

  • For Windows: Drumlin or Javelin Reader
  • For Mac OSX: Javelin PDF(.drmx) Reader

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