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DRMZ is a secure proprietary file format, which is created by Drumlin Publisher in order to protect Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) Files and make them more secure. The Drumlin Publisher software exports PDF files to DRMZ or DRMX file format. It makes the PDF file more secure by adding proprietary encryption OR encoding system. The PDF file is encrypted/encoded from the header and encapsulated in DRMZ file.

Note: The DRMZ file is similar to the DRMX file; the only difference lies in their compatibility with devices.

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The permission set by Drumlin could be like starting and ending date of the document, document expiration time, enable/disable clipboard, enable/disable printing option of that document, and enable/disable screen capture of that document. There is also an option to set document password. Publisher can also set watermarks in document. There are two options for watermarking: a visible watermark in print and a visible watermark on screen. These permissions protect DRMZ file in such a way that unauthorized users cannot access DRMZ without authorization.


It makes PDF more secure thus, EBooks, Manuals, and Reports can be shared securely with anyone.

  • DRMZ file is Associated with Adobe PDF file category.
  • Authorization Code: On opening the DRMZ file, it asks for 9 digit valid authorization code generated at the time of document publishing
  • Internet Connection: As the authorization code stores on server, therefore to match the authorization code Internet connection is necessary.
  • Password: While publishing the DRMZ file, if user has set the password then it will ask for the password when someone tries to open DRMZ file.
  • Drumlin Security Javelin PDF Reader
  • Drumlin Security Drumlin PDF Reader and Publisher
  • iPad
  • Android
  • Drumlin Security Ltd.
  • application/octet-stream
  • Hexadecimal: 7B 44 52 4D 50 44 4B 7D

DRMZ file can be opened using following softwares

  • Javelin PDF Reader
  • Drumlin PDF Reader

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