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What is EMLX File Extension in Mac Mail and How to Open it?

This File extension is built by Apple Mail Mac OS X. EMLX Files are also plain text files hence can be seen in Text Editor. This is a data file that is found in Apple Mail directory. There is one EMLX File created per message. You may find several EMLX Files with each file incremented by a no. The file extension found in different folder depend on a type of account (IMAP or POP).

EMLX File belongs to plain text category

  • Mac Mail or Apple Mail
  • Text Editor
  • application/octet-stream
  • The file format of EMLX File is in plain text form and can be opened in Text Editor.

31 31 38 30 31 30 39 34 39

In Apple Mail Location of EMLX file depend on type of Email Account

  • For Message Folder


  • For IMAP Account


  • For POP Account


There are three methods to open EMLX File

  • Install Apple Mail or Mac Mail and open this file either directly or by importing it into Mac Mail
  • Open EMLX into the text editor. There you will see all code of EMLX file extension

Alternatively, EMLX File can be opened using tools mentioned below


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