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ESEDB File Extension

ESEDB or the Extensible Storage Engine Database stores Exchange Server user mailbox data like emails, folders, message attributes, attachments, and more. The contents of an ESEDB file are accessed directly by Microsoft Exchange Server. Data within each table may consist of varying properties.

Application Category

  • ESEDB belongs to the Database File type category.
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • ESEDB format belongs to Exchange Server introduced by Microsoft Corporation
  • The Mime type of an ESEDB format database is officially unspecified.
  • The file signature of ESEDB file is: ef cd ab 89 (at offset 4)

ESEDB are officially owned by Microsoft Corporation and can be opened within Exchange server or can be accessed using specific Email Clients

There are softwares that provide the easy and comfortable view of EDB files. Some softwares are mentioned below.


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