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What is ICO File Format for Microsoft Windows Computer Icons

ICO File format is used as computer Icons in Microsoft Windows. All Images that are present at Start Menu, Desktop, Windows start screen consists of .ico extension. It is also used as a container for BMP and PNG Images.

ICO file is an extension for an Image file or Image container file. It stores Icons of Windows application.

  • All Microsoft Windows Versions till Windows Vista
  • 32-bit operatiing system above Windows Vista


  • For IANA
    • image/
  • For Microsoft
    • image/x-icon
  • Other Erroneous Types
    • image/ico
    • image/icon
    • text/ico
    • application/ico

00 00 01 00

  • For Windows 7
    • %windir%\explorer.exe
    • C:\Windows\system32\imageres.dll
  • For Windows 10
    • %systemroot%\system32\imageres.dll
    • %systemroot%\system32\networkexplorer.dll
    • %systemroot%\system32\netshell.dll
    • %systemroot%\system32\netcenter.dll
    • %systemroot%\system32\mmres.dll
    • %systemroot%\system32\mmcndmgr.dll
    • %systemroot%\system32\moricons.dll
    • %systemroot%\system32\gameux.dll
    • %systemroot%\system32\ddores.dll
    • %systemroot%\system32\accessibilitycpl.dll
    • %systemroot%\explorer.exe
    • %systemroot%\system32\pifmgr.dll
    • %systemroot%\system32\shell32.dll

Icon Images can be open and view using free Image applications available in Windows

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