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What is ICS File Extension? Understanding iCalendar Format

Many organizations use different applications for the continuation of their work which includes the usage of Calendar as well. These calendar files are known as ICS file, which is a widely used format for storage of calendars. ICS file is supported by various calendar or email applications. This email programs includes Google Calendar, Microsoft and Apple iCal. With the help of these mentioned files users can publish essential information from the calendars to the World Wide Web in a direct way.

  • Full form of ICS file is “iCalendar”. It is a type of exchange calendar data file that can be accessed by different applications like Google Calendar, IBM Notes, Yahoo! Calendar, eM Client, etc.
  • The Calendar information, which is stored in ICS files consists of the information such as start time, end time, the title, and summary for the calendar event. 
  • Canceling and updating an event is also supported while using ICS file format.
  • Option to migrate the file of ICS calendar t CSV for use in a spreadsheet program.
  • The specifications are defined in RFC 2445 for ICS file format.

iCalendar ICS file belongs to calendar data exchange file.

The following applications create and open ICS file.

  • Google Calendar
  • Apple Calendar (formerly iCal)
  • IBM Lotus Notes
  • Lightning extension for Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Partially by Microsoft Outlook
  • Yahoo! Calendar
  • Evolution (software)
  • eM Client
  • SeaMonkey

iCalendar was introduced by Apple Inc. ICS format is basically designed to transmit calendar-based data.


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Default location of iCalendar file format is not defined.

The ICS File can be opened using two methods:

  • Google iCalander App or Desktop Application
  • Using a free tool mentioned below

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