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What is LA File Extension? A Libtool Archive File

The Libtool LA file extension that is a type of script used for generating portable compiled libraries. Libtool is an application that is used by Linux. Hence, LA files are also part of Linux application. .la files also allow Libtool to create platform-independent names. It also stores file names, versions and dependency of a Libtool library by other platforms.

It is a type of data file and a part of Libtool Library.

This file is supported by:

  • Libtool on Linux based platform
  • Cygwin
  • Windows MinGW

The Libtool introduced this file as a part of its library or directory


The Location of .la file in different application is a follows. This file existed as in all platforms

For Linux, Cygwin and windows MinGW

  • /lib/ # libtool library

This file is data file. Hence, it is open within a Libtool in Linux based platform. This file names, details of applications can be seen using libtool application.


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