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What is LDIF File Extension - Lightweight Directory Interchange Format

LDIF, stands for Lightweight Directory Interchange Format, is a plain-text file extension used for storing LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) directory data as a set of records and LDAP update requests which includes Add, Modify, Delete, and Rename. LDAP is a software protocol which determine the location of files, devices, organization etc. over TCP/IP network.

Different utilites for LDIF File:

  • OpenLDAP: Tools of this utility are used to export/import data from LDAP servers to LDIF content records and vice versa.
  • LDIFDE: Windows Server 2003 & 2000 have command line utility known as LDIFDE which import & export data in Active Directory.
  • JXplorer: It is a cross platform and open source application, also referred as LDAP browser & editor, used to perform editing of LDIF files.
  • Import & export address book data: Adress Book Compatible with Netscape Communicator & Mozilla Suite LDIF is used to import & export address book data.

LDIF Fields:

  • dn: distinguished name
    Name of the entry in the directory.
  • dc: domain component
    For instance: is written as DC=www,DC=google,DC=com
  • ou: organizational unit (or user group)
    For instance: OU= Lawyer, OU= Judge.
  • cn: common name
    It can be person's name; meeting room; job title; etc.

The LDIF file belongs to the category of Text Files.

  • Microsoft Office
  • Application/octet-stream

There are various applications that can open LDIF file, for example, Mozilla Thunderbird, OpenOffice Applications, Microsoft Office and Other Document Viewer.


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