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What is NBK File Extension? - A SMART Notebook File Extension

NBK is a file format used by SMART Notebook application. It is an application used to store classroom notes and diagrams. It is also used to store digital lessons and allow an option to share it with multiple people at once.

The NBK File belongs to binary data files category. It stores all the information within a note.

An application that supports NBK file as follows:

  • SMART Technologies Notebook
  • SMART Notebook SE
  • SMART Technologies


The NBK file is stored within Smart Notebook folders and it's location depend on the operating system and its versions.

The NBK File is opened using following software

  • Wordpad (for text type NBK files only)
  • SMART Technologies Notebook
  • SMART Notebook SE

This file can also be opened in basic audio and video players but you have to direct that software to open this file.


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