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What is QBO File Extension?

QBO QuickBooks Online Bank Statement file extension also know as Quickbooks Web Connect File, Used by Intuit QuickBooks, a program used for small business and personal finances; contains an electronic statement downloaded from an online account; used to import and synchronize online bank statements on a local computer.

This file extension belongs to Web Files. but also refers as Document File

Intuit Quickbooks

Intuit introduced Quickbooks After the incredible success of Quicken for individual financial management,the company start developing similar services for small business owners i.e. Quickbooks. QBO File Format is new in Quickbooks because Initialy quickbooks doesn't cloud based but when it comes into Cloud era QBO Files Format comes into existence.



QBO File Extension doesn't save in your local machine becuase Quickbooks Online is fully cloud based, though we don't know where Quickbooks saves your Information

  • Manual Method: QBO File Format can be opened Manually using either Quickbooks desktop version or online version. but in destop you have to click on File, Utilities, Import, Web Connect File.

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