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.DXL File Extension

DXL (Domino Extensible Language) File format is a domino server database file used in Lotus Notes/IBM and exist in extensible markup language (or XML). Apart from domino database files, DXL file is also associated with Duxbury Braille Translator Label and DOORS Extension Language. In general, the DXL files are supported by Lotus Notes. Since, it enables the facility to export and exchange file format hence, it permits sharing of email archived with other applications and maintaining Domino Native format.

DXL file is a database file that is considered as XML document files.

  • The MIME DXL file type is application/octet-stream
  • In Lotus Notes, DXL file format is denoted as Document Type Definition file, which consist various entities and elements used for defining DXL file.

As such, no default DXL location exists. However, if user wants to open DXL then they have to perform configuration procedure in Lotus Domino server.

DXL File Format can be opened using following softwares depend on its source

  • IBM Domino Designer
  • Microsoft XML Notepad
  • Microsoft Notepad

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