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What is LEF File Extension? Introduction to EnCase Logical Evidence File

LEF, short for logical evidence file, is a proprietary format created by EnCase Forensics software. It keeps record of evidences in a file having extension L01. Besides, users can select required evidences from a disk image (for instance, E01 file format) and save them in LEF L01 file extension.

  • LEF L01 file format helps investigators to keep track of digital evidences.
  • L01 files are mainly used to extract & store selected evidences from an entire disk image.
  • Unlike E01 which is a replica copy of an entire disk, L01 extension saves only necessary data
  • EnCase LEF holds all files and folders in their original format.
  • All meta properties including file name & extension, file size, created date, modified date, permissions etc are kept intact.
  • EnCase LEF format uses MD5 hashing algorithm to verify data integrity.

The LEF file belongs to the category of Disk Image Files.

LEF file format is supported by EnCase


4C 56 46 09 0D 0A FF 00

User defined location

The LEF file can be easily opened using Encase File opening software mentioned below.


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